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Business Continuity

Backup & Recovery of company data is critical. It’s your insurance policy against the unknown. We have a solution that will meet the needs and governance of your industry.


We keep your your computers, networks, email and internet browsing protected from the never ending threats found in today’s online world.


Virtual CIO to Vendor Management, we take care of all aspects of your IT while keeping a watchful eye on your systems 24/7.


We provide exceptional quality and a white-glove experience to our clients, giving them access to IT support and services that meet their highest standards.


Weathering a pandemic

  Cloud services

Get everything you need on our private cloud

Consolidate your server and desktop infrastructure and start virtualizing your systems to see a better ROI and reduced costs.

With our Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offerings, you can transition your technology stack to a flexible and mobile system with a true Work from Anywhere ability.

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Internet Security

Email Security

High Quality Support

Cloud Security

Business Continuity

Managed Services

Robust Documentation

Remote Montoring

"They have always been very dedicated to us; I would always recommend them, they feel part of our company."


"Most capable IT experts I have worked with in over 20 years"


"Professional, knowledgeable and very good with communications"



"We are very pleased with the improvements they bring to our business and we rely heavily on their support to keep those systems working"



"They were able to comprehend my needs and make things easy to understand"



“Most capable IT Experts I have worked with in 20 years”

Shone Services has been a trusted partner of mine since 2016. They are the most capable IT experts I have worked with in over 20 years. When the simple problems occurred, as well as the complex, Shone Services were able to fix them first time and every time. That, in my experience, is a very rare quality among IT support. As my firm grew, they knew how we should evolve our network capabilities and which network structure would best fit our needs and our budget.

“Organizational skills and foresight are exceptional”

We have contracted with Shone Services since 2018. In that time they have upgraded our entire system, both hardware and software. Shone Services joined our team amid the largest construction job we have experienced (106,000 sq/ft). Not only were they willing to do the job, they were willing to learn our companies values and be sure that the product that was being installed/purchased was the right product for our very unique company.

Owner, Andrew Shone, works as though the project is his own personal belonging. His organizational skills and foresight are exceptional. Our initial attraction to Shone Services was their attention to detail and genuine care for the job to be done to 100% satisfaction. Additionally, he is able to find financial savings by exploring I.T. contracts/licensing that may not be recognizable by the “untrained eye”.

We have 15+ companies that contract for various services. Shone Services is the most engaged and consistent company. We feel that Shone Services is a permanent piece to our team here.

“They feel part of our company”

We have used Shone Services since 2011 and I am very happy with the services they provide us. They are always professional and friendly, and I feel like I can ask them anything about my IT setup and get the answers I need. They have always been very dedicated to us. Shone Services have helped us move offices, upgrade all our desktops and servers, run big IT projects, built bespoke software, and provide management of our CRM system. I would always recommend them, they feel part of our company.

why managed services?

Better quality for everyone

The traditional break/fix method of IT support does not work in favor of the end user; that’s you. The reason for this is that the IT technician has no real reason to ensure your systems don’t fail in the future, or keep them running satisfactorily – they are only being paid when something goes wrong. So the more problems you have, the more money they make.

We don’t like that concept.

Opting for Managed Services and its subscription-based payments means that everyone’s goals become aligned. You, the client, pay a flat fee and get a quality service all year round and we, your Service Provider, have the incentive to keep your systems running perfectly all the time to ensure our clients stay happy and that we don’t incur out-of-pocket expenses if errors arise.


Boutique style service

The way Shone Services integrates with its clients is a core principle that we strives to build for each client. We believe that every client, no matter what their size, should feel that Shone Services is working alongside them to achieve the same goals.

We pride ourselves on being a company that works hard on helping our clients get the most out of our services and integrating with your business to let it feel like we are part of your own team.

Shone Services is a boutique service provider; we give our clients more attention than the bigger companies, offering a service that always goes the extra mile for you.

PROJECTS & Installations

Essential office upgrades


We partner with industry leaders

Free Consultation

Find out how Shone Services can ease your pain points, improve your business and help you achieve company goals by providing some Techno-TLC.

With a free, no obligation consultation you will find out how much your business can benefit from partnering with Shone Services.

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